Sport and recreation

Hiking trail

The beginning of organized hiking in Virovitica relates to 1927 when a group of citizens joined a Croatian Mountaineering Society Zagreb. Organizing excursions to the nearby hills creates a unique tourist experience. Croatian Hiking Association PAPUK organizes trips and occasional lectures in the field of hiking.

Croatian Hiking Association PAPUK

Address: Zvonimirov trg 5, Virovitica


Given its proximity to Virovitica ponds, fishing in this area has a long and rich tradition. Ponds are located seven kilometers south of Virovitica in a beautiful forest landscape, at the foot of Bilogora and thus represent an ideal setting for all those who love fishing.

SRU Ođenica

25.12. to 30.06. – Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 to 12 AM
01.07. to 31.12. – Saturdays from 9 to 12 AM

Address: Zvonimirov trg 6, 33000 Virovitica
Mob: 098/993 0539


The motorcycle club “Kumovi” organises motorcycle meetings every year with rock concerts and traditional defile of bikers through the city centre.

Adress: Sveti Đurađ, Mlinska cesta 146a (Šištat), Virovitica

Paintball club Virovitica

True lovers of adrenaline sports can try and show their skills in a freshly renovated paintball playing field Šištat, which is located only 6 km south of Virovitica, behind the Moto Club “Kumovi”. This interesting and fun recreational sport is played on a field of 100 x 35 meters. The goal of the paintball game is to eliminate the opponent individually or in a team with the same number of players.

Phone: 099/733 4566

Cycling route

Most suitable area for cycling is track “Put šarana” which surrounds Virovitica ponds. It is a circular cross country trail 11,300 meters long. The base consists of a 300m dirt road, 700m forest and 10 300m of forest trail.

Cycling Club “Bor” Virovitica

Facebook: BK BOR, Put šarana MTB staza, Put šarana Outdoor Weekend

Karting club Cobra Virovitica

True lovers of speed and octane sports can come to karting tracks in Virovitica. With the aim of reviving motor sports in the city, the Karting Club COBRA was founded in 2008. The club promotes development and improvement of karting sport, participate in educationa of young drivers and expansion of technical culture among young people.

Adress: A. Kačića – Miošića 11, 33000 Virovitica


Virovitica has always been a city of handball, and today it has both male and female clubs with members from cadets to seniors.

Men’s Handball Club:
Address: Matije Gupca 63, 33000 Virovitica

Women’s Handball Club:
Address: Zbora narodne garde 2, 33000 Virovitica